Istanbul is unique. It is the only city in the world where two continents meet. Enjoy old and new in the cultural capital of Turkey with Istanbul expert Marc Guillet

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Blue Mosque

31/03Blue Mosque in the heart of old Istanbul

The Blue Mosque is one of the great must-see attractions of the old city. In the heart of the original site of the city of Byzantium. The mosque is known for its six minarets and the blue-and-white tiles from the Turkish city Iznik that cover the interior of this sultan’s mosque. After this 17th century... Read more »
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27/03All things pickled in Kadıköy bazaar

Özcan Turşuları is my favorite shop with all things pickled in the neighborhood bazaar of Kadıköy. Look around in this shop and you will be amazed by the huge and colorful collection of pickled vegetables, ranging from gherkins, red beets and white cabbage to garlic, green tomatoes and carrots. Everything here is made using traditional... Read more »

01/03Salep, a popular hot drink in winter

The cold months of the year have arrived and with them the street vendors who sell the popular drink salep. This traditional Turkish drink is usually sold on the streets as a hot beverage, but also on the ferries that cross the Bosporus and in some restaurants. Salep is a flour made from the tubers... Read more »

19/12 Guidebook writer Pat Yale on my e-book

15/06 Strolling through Istanbul with my book

07/05 Discover remarkable Istanbul

15/12 Discover Taksim and Beyoğlu

27/07 Walk through trendy Cihangir


Lokanta Maya. Photo: Rene Ames

23/04Aegean-Turkish cuisine @ Lokanta Maya

I visited this restaurant today again and as a lover of good food I want to share with all of you my blog I wrote about this wonderful restaurant in 2012 again. Enjoy! Last Thursday night I was happy to be invited by my friend Rene Ames to Lokanta Maya, one of the most popular... Read more »
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19/04Hip and humor in Mama Shelter hotel

Review and photos by Slawomira Kozieniec Coming to Istanbul means coming to a city of almost 15 million people; those who live here permanently and those who visit this historical metropolis as tourists. Who would imagine, you could find a place almost like your mother’s house in such a metropolis? Cozy, relaxed, informal, warm hearted... Read more »

10/04Şans restaurant, hidden in Levent

I had a lovely dinner with Turkish and expat friends in Şans, a very nice and old restaurant. It is located in a villa tucked away in a residential area of the financial district Levent, a couple of streets away from the Kanyon shopping mall. I liked the quiet atmosphere in this hidden gem and the... Read more »

20/01 ‘Food Art’ by Chef Rudolf Van Nunen

22/10 Enjoy the new-look Karaköy

02/06 Wine bar Solera, modern and cozy

24/05 Creative Turkish Cuisine @ Cozy Cezayir

20/04 Dutch Queen’s Day celebration @ The Hal..

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