Istanbul is unique. It is the only city in the world where two continents meet. Enjoy old and new in the cultural capital of Turkey with Istanbul expert Marc Guillet

Taxis in Istanbul: do’s & don’ts

Posted on 12 December 2017

Here are my do’s and don’ts when using taxis in Istanbul. Based on my own experiences and those of tourists who send me their experiences on my site. I have met a lot of nice, helpful and friendly taxi drivers in Istanbul. But there are also cabbies in this city who want to make some… Read more »

Buy your lottery ticket at Nimet Abla

Posted on 9 December 2017

It is cold in Istanbul. But that doesn’t seem to bother Turks who have been flocking to lottery ticket agencies to buy tickets for the big New Year’s lottery. The most popular place to buy your tickets is the Nimet Abla kiosk in the Eminönü district next to the Yeni Camii (New Mosque) and the Spice… Read more »

Human pack mules of Istanbul

Posted on 5 December 2017

Whenever you stroll through the district of the Covered Bazaar and the Egyptian or Spice Bazaar you probably will see human pack mules with all sorts of cargo on their backs. Bent over, groaning under their unimaginable huge burdens, they trudge through the streets, up the hills, and even up the stairs in the wholesale… Read more »

Shortest ‘metro’ line in the world: Tünel

Posted on 2 December 2017

Istanbul was the second city in Europe – after London – that had an underground rapid transit system constructed. When it opened in 1874 it got the name “The Metropolitan Railway of Constantinople From Galata to Pera”. It is an impressive name for the shortest ‘metro line’ in the world: it has only one stop!… Read more »

Lokma, hot & sweet Ottoman snack

Posted on 27 November 2017

Photos by Slawomira Kozieniec In the winter months I see all kinds of warm street snacks popping up in Istanbul. Lokma is one of them. The Turkish word lokma means ‘mouthful’ or ‘morsel’. Just recently a couple of young men started to sell these lokma tatlısı (deep fried dough balls), soaked in sugar syrup in… Read more »