Istanbul is unique. It is the only city in the world where two continents meet. Enjoy old and new in the cultural capital of Turkey with Istanbul expert Marc Guillet

Dan Brown draws visitors Basilica Cistern

Posted on 5 May 2015

My granddaughter Tessa (11) was here with us in Istanbul for the fifth time. She will be back in the Summer. Istanbul is her favorite city. And one of her favorite places she wanted to visit again was the mystery world of the underground Basilica Cistern. For several days we strolled in the neighborhood of… Read more »

Photos of ancient Roman city in Istanbul

Posted on 24 April 2013
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 Sagalassos, was an ancient Roman city 110 kilometer north of today’s Antalya (ancient Attaleia), and 20 km from Isparta. The ancient ruins of Sagalassos are 7 km from Ağlasun on Mount Akdağ, in the Western Taurus mountains range, at an altitude of 1450–1700 metres. In Roman Imperial times, the town was known as the ‘first… Read more »