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‘Must Love Cats’ tv-show in Turkey

Posted on 30 October 2011

 Cats and people who love cats come in all varieties. You have women who make wigs for cats. Then there is the clepto cat – a cat that steals things and brings them back. Or a bionic cat from a doctor in England who is doing some of the most extraordinary things with regard to rehabilitating cats.

John Fulton, host of Must Love Cats (on Animal Planet – Discovery Channel) meets all of them. The first season was a big success. And that’s why the show is on Turkish television as well from now on.

Last year Fulton, a professional musician, began his adventure into the world of television as the host for Animal Planet’s new show Must Love Cats — with a guitar in one hand and a feline in the other.

Born in 1976 in the town of Topsfield (Massachusetts) his best friend as a child was his cat “Kitty,” who slept on his chest every night of her life, leading John to develop a lifelong bond with cats and curiosity for all things feline.

Living in Los Angeles for the last 10 years, John has made a name for himself as the musical mastermind and sidekick on “Live! From the Future … With Stuart Paap” on, as well as a songwriter extraordinaire for the popular and humorous band “The Fresh.” He has also composed music featured on national television.

For the new season John was shooting in London and all over England. Later he went to Tokyo and Japan and then back to the States for a couple more episodes. He owns two cats named Billy and Betty.

Just before the show started on Turkish television John spoke with some reporters about himself and the show.

You are a professional musician. Why have you decided to host Must Love Cats?

Discovery Channel found me. I was on a friend’s audition reel. My friend was in the running to host this show and I was on the back of his audition reel. So Discovery Channel found me by mistake. They liked the music that I was doing. I went and auditioned. I had never auditioned for anything in my life. They really liked the song so I got lucky. Then we found a way to combine the music with television. I have written almost 90 songs for the show so it’s been really fun.

 If, some day, a woman makes you choose between your cats and her, what would you do?

I would have to choose the cat. I mean, but all women love cats… Women also like things that are cute. I think women are compassionate and cats are too and men talk too much so it is nice to have an animal that doesn’t talk a lot.

Do you think women and cats have something in common?

As I said, I think they both have a heart and compassion. I know chaps are hunters, I don’t know if women are hunters … They both like jewelry, I know cats like to wear jewelry. Also they both have long nails.

What was the most bizarre thing that you have seen during filming first season?

The most bizarre thing… Kitty Wigs was a little bizarre. It was really fun but also it was quite a bizarre idea of making wigs for cats. Have you ever seen a cat wear a wig? I would say that’s kind of bizarre.

Have cats inspired you to write songs before this program?

The story has always inspired me. My cats for example… I just look at them and whatever they are doing – if they are playing with a ball – then there’s your song right there. That’s really how they have inspired me, just by how they are curious… Before the show I didn’t write as many songs about cats. I did write some but I certainly write a lot more for the show now.

 What was the first song that you written about cats for them?

The first song I ever wrote about cats was called Kitties To Meet. It was a song about how I wanted to meet all the kitties of the world. It actually never aired. The second song I wrote and the first song that aired was the Must Love Cats theme song. I wrote that song in three minutes. It just came to me and I got really lucky with that song.

Do cats listen to your music? Do they like it?

I don’t think they like it. I think they think that I’m pitchy and never in tune. They actually run away. I don’t think they understand that I’m writing the songs just for them. Once in a while I may get them but you know cats… They do their own thing and once in a while songs I write the cats will like it.

Do you visit animal shelters?

We are actually visiting the biggest shelter in England on Saturday. We are going to be showing the differences between English shelters and American shelters. This should be a great story. We are always interested in shelters.

 How did you first fall in love with cats? Did it start when you were a child?

I was at the bottom of my bunk bed. My cat Kitty came on me and just started lying on me. I had a dog before that but the dog never really did that. I just never knew that an animal could fall in love with you that quickly. When I go to sleep, the cat will come up and just walk on me. I always thought that was very cool. I think people like that. It is a certain relationship that I never had with an animal before. I think I was probably eight years old. Gusto and Kitty were my two cats growing up. Kitty especially was just really friendly. I had a great dog too but the dog was just really old and doing its own thing. However the cat was just so friendly. I remember when I was a little kid I really enjoyed that.

Why do you think people still love dogs more than cats?

I don’t think it’s true. I mean anybody who has a pet, loves it. I think a lot of people are animal people. They’re not just like I love cats and not dogs. I think people who don’t love cats are people who don’t really understand them. People that have never had a cat before… Dogs on the other hand are man’s best friend. They’ll be your friend right from the start. A cat takes a little for that….

What is the strangest thing you have come across?

I met pet owner who groomed designs into their cats and even painted them. They were show cats.

Besides music and the cats, what else do you love?

I like cars. I like a proper Range Rover. I like to travel. However music is – when I am not with the cats – the biggest part of my life. Music really owns me. I like good food. I like exercise. I like being outside a lot. I really like being outside exercising.


The show Must Love Cats airs on Animal Planet every Thursday – the time can change from week to week.

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