Istanbul is unique. It is the only city in the world where two continents meet. Enjoy old and new in the cultural capital of Turkey with Istanbul expert Marc Guillet

Cypriot and Turkish artists use glass to tell a story

Posted on 4 April 2011

Renowned glass artists, Cypriot-born, Yorgos Papadopoulos, and Turkish native, Yasemin Aslan Bakiri use glass to tell a story of fraternity, protection and reconciliation in a joint exhibition taking place in Istanbul between May 12 to July 31. Titled ‘Transparency’, the two artists will portray their similarities in habits, life experiences, philosophies, values and ideas through… Read more »

Nostalgia in Koç Museum with street organs

Posted on 10 March 2011

Longing for some nostalgia? For mechanical music instruments from the days of gas lamps, steam engines and horse power? The days of yesteryear when the gramophone and radio were not even on the horizon. “Invisible Musicians” at Istanbul’s Rahmi M. Koç Museum will give you a glimpse in those long forgotten ages. The exhibition features… Read more »

Photos from Dutch artist Jasper de Beijer

Posted on 26 February 2011
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Dutch artist Jasper de Beijer (Amsterdam, 1973), known for his staged photography projects, mostly on historical themes, opened his first exhibition in Istanbul. In the newest gallery in the city: The Empire Project. In Istanbul he shows nine series of photographs the artist has made over the past seven years. His main discipline is constructed… Read more »

Photo exhibition about street life in Beyoğlu

Posted on 22 February 2011
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Istiklal Caddesi, in the cosmopolitan district of Beyoğlu, is one of the most photographed streets in Turkey. So if you are a photographer and you want to do something originally you have to look for different shots and for different angles. You have to wait till something unusual happens and you have to look for… Read more »

Body Worlds show extended till 27 March

Posted on 30 January 2011

The world-renowned exhibition titled “Body Worlds –The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies” in Istanbul has been extended until March 27 due to the enormous numbers of visitors. The exhibition has attracted a quarter million people over the past six months. It was opened at Antrepo No. 3  in June 2010 as part of the… Read more »