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Sultans, Merchants & Painters @ Pera Muse

Posted on 18 January 2012

 Pera Museum is starting off the year 2012 with two exceptional exhibitions: Sultans, Merchants, Painters: The Early Years of Turkish-Dutch Relations; an exhibition commemorating four hundred years of cultural, diplomatic and trade relations between Turkey and the Netherlands and From Konstantiniyye to Istanbul: Photographs of the Anatolian Shore of the Bosphorus from the Mid XIXth… Read more »

Nâzım Hikmet’s tea garden in Kadıköy

Posted on 15 January 2012

Today is the birthday of Turkish most famous poet Nâzım Hikmet (January 15, 1902). His 110th birthday will be celebrated during a series of events organized in collaboration with the Nazım Hikmet Culture and Arts Foundation and Beşiktaş Municipality. The event series include a “Nazım Hikmet Theater Posters Exhibition,” “Nazım Hikmet Panel from Past to… Read more »

Save historic Emek Movie Theater

Posted on 9 December 2011

Turkish film critics are calling on all cinephiles in Istanbul and all across Turkey to raise their voices against the planned demolition of the historic Emek Sineması, the Emek Movie Theater in Beyoğlu, which has been serving as a cinema since the 1920s and which was one of the key movie theaters that used to… Read more »

Modern art of Central Bank of Turkey

Posted on 14 November 2011

 The Pera Museum of Istanbul displays a historical collection: modern Turkish art collected by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. The collection of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, which was founded on 3 October 1931, is comprised of modern/contemporary works of art, such as paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, and installations… Read more »

Black walls of Istanbul in photo exhibit

Posted on 4 October 2011
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On October 7 the Dutch photographer Arjen J. Zwart will open his photo exhibition titled “ZIFT” (tar) in the Cezayir building at the Hayriye Caddesi 12 Galatasaray (Beyoglu). The series demonstrates another view on the city with its black facades and is the second of a triptych about Istanbul on which Arjen is working. Arjen… Read more »