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House cat of Tünel

Posted on 1 September 2015

cat at TunelIstanbul has many feral cats. Most of them are born in the wild and have never been socialized. But on the streets of this town you will also find feral cats that have been socialized to a degree as neighbors feed them regularly.

You see them lying on books of book sellers, on chairs, on scooters or on cars.

The most peculiar cat I often see is a cat that feels at home in the building of Tünel, a short underground railway line, actually a funicular with two stations, connecting the quarters of Karaköy and Beyoğlu.

She is patiently waiting for the train to arrive. Walks inside as soon as the doors open. Sits there. Checks out the entering passengers. As soon as she hears the ring of the bell – the sign that the train will be leaving soon – she runs out and looks at the train departing. Waiting for the next train to arrive. And then it starts all over again.

More about the history of the Tünel in this blogpost of mine.


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