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Ottoman haircut experience

Posted on 4 March 2019

berberOne of the fun things to do while you are in Istanbul is enjoying a unique haircut experience.

An Ottoman haircut experience to be more precisely. A lot of traditional neighborhood barbers still offer the same services as in the time of the Ottoman Empire (1300-1923). Traditional barber shops don’t only offer a haircut, they are more like a beauty salon for men!

Next to trimming your hair or offering a new hairstyle, they also offer experiences such as a straight razor shave with a personal hot towel, eyebrow trimming and spectacular ear flaming with a little piece of cotton between a pair of tweezers to reduce the hair growing in your ears. Massage of your scalp, shoulders and arms are also part of the deal if you request this service. You will relax for at least one hour. And of course they offer you Turkish tea!

It is never hard to find a traditional barber shop in Istanbul. Anywhere you see a drying rack with towels on the sidewalk you will find a barber shop. Most of them are open seven days a week.

Many tourists you have gone for an Ottoman haircut experience, were all very excited afterwards.  “None of my hairdressers has ever paid so much attention to my beard and hair as this one in Istanbul”, say many of them.

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  1. Mel says:

    Are there any barber shops you recommend in particular in Istanbul?

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