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Dutch artist W. Harbers @ Gallery Zilberman

Posted on 5 January 2012

 Dutch contemporary artist Willem Harbers exhibits a collection of 22 works at the moment at Gallery Zilberman. It is his first exhibition in Istanbul  and is the premier exhibition of the gallery in 2012.

The exhibition is supported by the Consulate General of the Netherlands, in the framework of the 400. anniversary celebrations of the diplomatic relationships between Turkey and Netherlands.

The title of the exhibition is “Labogrigneur and Satellite Works”.

His dense statues invite viewers to discover a new rhythm as they slow time down. Harbers: “A sculptor is by definition slow. The material with which they work is slow, and the beholder can only enjoy the work if he or she takes their time, stays with the sculpture, walks around it, slows their step, views the work from all angles, and in doing so becomes slow themselves.”

The works of Willem Harbers can be viewed at Galeri Zilberman between 6 – 28 January.

Gallery Zilberman

Istiklal Cad. Mısır Apt. No:163 K.3 D.10

Beyoğlu / Istanbul, Turkey

T: +90 212 251 12 14

Visiting hours:

Tue – Fri: 11 am until 7:30 pm

Sat: 12 am until 7:00 pm

Closed on Sunday and Monday.

For detailed information, visit the website


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