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Photo exhibition about women’s football

Posted on 22 June 2011

Club Wadi Degla; Marihan Yahya. Photo: Claudia Wiens

Women’s football still has a long way to go. In many countries the male dominated football federations look down upon women’s football. But the tide is slowly changing in the right direction. In may countries but also on the international level.

In 2011 the FIFA organized the first Women’s World Cup in Germany. Sixteen teams competed at the World Cup finals. Turkey’s women’s national team didn’t qualify but they are ambitious and will host the Under19 European tournament in 2012.

In 2004 the Turkish Football Federation started to support women’s football. In 2007 girl’s football was introduced into the school’s curriculum. Now 1000 schools participate. And more than 1600 girls are playing football.

Unfortunately the main clubs like Fenerbahce and Galatasaray still don’t promote women’s football with money or facilities.

The Women’s World Cup 2011 was a milestone in competitive women’s football with unparalleled coverage on television in terms of both production and distribution. Underlining the huge strides the women’s game has made in recent years, for the first time ever the FIFA broadcast production comprised up to 18 cameras for selected matches, including in-goal cameras and two steady cams for all matches.

Bethlehem, Palestinian Women's Football Team. Photo: Claudia Wiens

Not only the famous teams need media support and visibility, but also lesser known teams should get some of the spotlight, photographer Claudia Wiens thought.

That’s why she started to document women’s football in Egypt, Palestine, Turkey and Berlin since 2006. This summer the photos will be shown in many photo exhibitions and are published in her new book “Schuhgröße 37″ (Size 4 Boots), a book in four languages, German, English, Arabic and Turkish.

You can order the book from any online bookshop

And you can visit the exhibition from June 21 – July 17 at:

Caddebostan Kültür Merkezi

Address:  Bağdat caddesi Haldun Taner sok. No:11

Tel.  0216 467 36 00


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