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Stars of Istanbul inspire and help kids

Posted on 15 September 2011

Hugging the Stars of Istanbul. Photo: Slawomira Kozieniec

The streets of Istanbul have turned into an open-air museum with hundreds of star-shaped sculptures representing beacons of success, hope and light. They are meant to inspire children all over Istanbul.

Some passers-by just admire the stars, others hug them and want to be photographed by their friends. Especially kids are fond to be on or against the stars and ask their parents to take a picture.

The works of art are designed not only to make a contribution to children’s futures in Turkey, but also to turn Istanbul into a more cheerful place to live by demonstrating that art need not only be found in galleries.

Rana Babac is enjoying the stars of Istanbul

The “Stars of Istanbul” is a social responsibility project initiated by UNESCO to raise funds for needy children deprived of nutrition, health services, and education.

Photographing the Stars of Istanbul. Photo: Slawomira Kozieniec

“Supported by real stars who are UNICEF goodwill ambassadors, the project will reflect the creativity of Turkish artists and will turn into an exhibition spread out over several Istanbul districts,” Nuri Çolakoğlu, the head of the organization committee, is quoted by Hürriyet Daily News.

As part of this street art project, the stars ware designed in accordance with the tastes of the sponsoring companies. Caricaturist Erdil Yaşaroğlu, who designed the first star to resemble a baby lion on behalf of the Galatasaray football club, said small children would be motivated to have a long-term interest in sculptures and paintings at galleries when they grow up if they were able to touch the sculptures.

Famous designer Cemil İpekçi has his own star with a portrait of him. His star is on Tunel Square, close to the start of shopping promenade Istiklal Caddesi. I noticed that he is very popular with tourists and Turks. They all want to be photographed with him. Just next to Cemil İpekçi is a star of Michael Jackson.

More on the project in this story by Hürriyet Daily News

When: between Sept. 1 and Nov. 30


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