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Turkish cuisine one of the richest

Posted on 31 December 2014

kookboek Seljuk MutfagiTurks have a great variety of recipes, food ingredients, increasing cooking skills and a very rich cuisine. But Turkish food is underrated in the world.

One of the reasons is that Turkish chefs and culinary historians fail to promote the Turkish food culture abroad.

Chef and restaurateur Muhammed Ömür Akkor’s is one of the culinary experts who is dedicated to promote Turkish cuisine. He did a lot of research into Hittite, Seljuk and Ottoman food culture and traditions. He published the results of his research in his book “Selçuklu Mutfağı” (Seljuk Cuisine). He received the Gourmand Cookbook Awards 2012 Best Culinary History Book award for it.

Here is an interview with the young chef:


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