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Ottoman weapons in Topkapı Palace

Posted on 30 August 2011

Photo: Hurriyet Daily News

Weapons from various periods of the Ottoman period are finally displayed properly thanks to a new section in Istanbul’s Topkapı Palace.

Hundreds of war- and weapons-related miniatures, kept in the shelves of the museum’s archive,  are now to be seen by the tourists as part of a renovation project that has been completed. Many of the paintings will feature in short films that use the latest cinematic techniques to inform visitors through LCD screens in different parts of the section.

The palace’s weapons exhibit, the fourth courtyard and the kitchen underwent restoration, which was completed during the month of Ramadan. Prime Minister Erdoğan attended the opening ceremony on Sunday night, at which he spoke on the importance of historic monuments and their sometimes careless treatment.

“Our ancestors ruled three continents and left invaluable monuments everywhere they went. Today, we are rediscovering all of these historic monuments and bringing them to the light of day. This is because a nation that is not aware of its past will not achieve its goals for the future. A people who do not claim their history will not have the consciousness necessary to save their future,” Erdoğan said. He later pointed out that many ancient and historic sites discovered in the last couple of centuries no longer exist because they were not shown adequate care.

Thanks to special animations made as part of the renovation project, virtual Janissaries will introduce weapons and the dresses of the period, while the Ottomans’ deployment in three continents will be seen in miniatures. Also, it will be possible to see the weapons used by the Ottoman military in chronological order.


The Topkapı Palace has been a museum since 1926. It is closed on Tuesdays.

How to get there?

Take the tram. Get off at the stop Sultanahmet/Blue Mosque. Walk around the Hagia Sophia (right) and to the main entrance of the Topkapı Palace.

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