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Cappadocian white wine is the hero

Posted on 19 August 2011

Tasting Turkish wines: Photo: Marc Guillet

As a regular to the Four Seasons Friday night wine tastings, tonight’s selection provided further insight into the viticulture industry here in Turkey.

La dégustation de vin started on a promising note with the Côtes d’Avanos Narince- Chardonnay. A strong citrus nose of lemon and orange mixed with an obvious woody aroma, gave way to a subtle hint of sherbet. There is no room for acidity here with the sensitive 60% Narince and 40% Chardonnay balance. The Cappadocian volcanic soil, the location 100 metres above sea level and the cold nights/hot days, are contributing factors to this fragrant and very pleasant white.

The 2008 Pendore Öküzgözü of Eastern Turkey followed with a very pungent acidic nose. With a touch of licorice, this wine had minimal length and left the palate with little desire to go back for more.

Moving onto the 2008 Pendore Boğazkere, some excitement was to be expected from these 100-year-old Armenian vines grown close to Syria. A light nose opened to a sweet bouquet of sherry. Although an improvement on the last wine, with a moderately low 13% alcohol it didn’t have the legs to fully satisfy.

To finish, the 2008 Penfore Syrah from the Aegean Coast made a promising start, with its seduction of strong blackberry and peppery aromas not unlike an Australian Shiraz. The eight months in oak added a good acidity and tannin to this quite well balanced wine but the lack of legs for a Syrah created a less satisfying finish.

Clearly the vin blanc was the hero of the evening. The elegant venue, attentive service and cheese buffet always provide a comfortable and relaxing setting for an end-of-the week soirée.

Sally McDonald

Amatrice de bons crus et grande cuisine

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  1. Rana Babac says:

    Hope to read more from Ms.Sally McDonald on Enjoy Istanbul! 🙂

  2. Very informative. It was like I could taste it!

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