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DJ School in Istanbul opens its doors!

Posted on 17 January 2011

DJ School in Istanbul

A great initiative in the vibrant music scene of Istanbul: the first school for DJ’s!

Professional DJ’s will give students 16 hours of training per month so they can become their own house party’s DJ’s. On top of that they can make their dreams come true by rocking the sets in a real live club!

DJ School Istanbul, co-founded by SCO Agency and DJ Tekin, is the one and only enterprise that provides its participants with a cla

ssroom and stage experience simultaneously. The classes are to be held by DJ Tekin with his 20 years of experience as a DJ and trainer in prestigious institutions.

DJ School Istanbul will be holding both one-on-one and group training sessions at The Hall Istanbul. The participants may choose to receive training either way, depending on their preference, either on weekdays or weekends for a total of 16 hours per month.

Guest DJs and musicians will attend various sessions, to enrich the participants’ experience of learning. Best of all, the trainees will get a chance to play every Wednesday for Dj School’s Bash Parties, to practice and share what they’ve learned with their colleagues and to party with their fans.

DJ School Istanbul will provide three levels of training. Following the introduction workshop held by DJ Tekin, depending on their past experience and skills, the participants will be placed in one of the Basic, Intermediate or Advanced level courses.  Outcomes of the training program includes, but is not limited to: general introduction to DJ-ing, its standards, equipments and terminology; assemblage and setup of the equipment, different schools of music and DJ-ing styles, types of rhythm and their usage as DJ-ing techniques, kick-start, pitch control, beat mixing, microphone, headphones and monitors, arrangement, timing and much more.

The classes will either be held as group sessions comprising of 20, 8 or 4 participants; or one-on-one sessions. The prices, accordingly, vary between 320 TL – 2.580 TL per month.

For application and further information:

School address:  The Hall

Küçük Bayram Sokak No:7


5 responses to “DJ School in Istanbul opens its doors!”

  1. Lucky Cç Ajoku says:

    I love this acticle, I have great passion to become a DJ because I love music so much, and I am currently residing in Istanbul, my greatest problem to this great career is my bad voice, language barrier and not having legal papers right now, if I can overcome all this problem, then, I can apply to become a full time DJ. I hope to hear from you soon

  2. dj dino says:

    thanks for this with my dream to become one of the best dj in the world,i much believed this article and school will help my dream come true.please give more information on how to get admitted in your school while i hope to read from you soon God bless divine

  3. Trinidad says:

    Currently am living in Africa but soon am coming to Turkey so how will I be able to find the place? How can I apply?? And do u also teach audio production ???

  4. Gautam says:

    I want to learn dj

  5. Sahar says:

    i wanna be a dj !!! i’m from israel but i will live in istanbul soon

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