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Jazz by Billie and the Beyoğlu Boys

Posted on 26 February 2011

Jazz on the street in Istanbul. Photo: Milliyet

Street music is still at an early stage in Istanbul. But more and more musicians contribute to the dynamic and divers street life in Beyoğlu.

You will encounter a violinist, educated in classic music, from Ukraine, who plays lovely classic pieces by all famous composers. A man from the Balck Sea coast with his three-stringed Kemençe on his knees. A saxophonist or a clarinettist who play, leaning against a wall.

But you will also encounter street jazz from a diverse group of foreigners and a Turkish musicians. They call themselves Billie and the Beyoğlu Boys. Named after the singer Billie Beckley, an exchange student who is in Istanbul with the Erasmus program. The other members of the group are Jaime Fernandez, Jan Raskal and Hakan Kıltepe.

For about a year, they have been playing jazz in Beyoğlu. Songs from the 1930s to 1950s. But they also play new stuff.

They feel at home on the streets of Istanbul. But they will be playing in music clubs soon, as they were noticed by them.

On March 2nd they will give a concert at the Peyote bar in Beyoğlu.

Music temple Babylon also wants them to perform in their club.

More information on this band in this article in the Hürriyet Daily News

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