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Kadıköy one of the the coolest hoods in the world

Posted on 14 July 2019

Kadıköy, an old, laid-back cosmopolitan and residential neighborhood with curving streets on Istanbul’s Asian shore, has grown enormously in popularity in recent years.

It is the cultural heart of the Asian side of Istanbul and definitely the hippest place to stay, eat, drink and hang out.

This hood should be on everyone’s travel bucket list right now. There are dozens of new bars, hipster cafes, restaurants, design studios, shops, and tattoo studios. It is the hotspot of the alternative youth culture and of XXL murals of Turkish and foreign graffiti artists.

It has a more relaxed atmosphere than the old neighborhoods on the European shore of the Bosphorus, where most tourists also linger. Here in Kadıköy you can feel like a local among the locals.

Kadıköy has been chosen as one of the 50 coolest neighborhoods in the world by Time Out magazine.
The magazine recommends three places you should visit.


Restaurant Mythos, in the more than a century old Haydarpaşa train station, one of the historical monuments in the city, and formerly the starting point of the railway to Baghdad. According to the magazine, this restaurant serves delicious cold and hot starters (meze), expertly grilled fish, and serves of course the national Turkish drink rakı in a nostalgic setting.


Arkaoda is the favorite pub of Time Out readers in Kadife Sokak (street), locally better known as bar street. They offer a a wide variety of underground DJs and musicians from Istanbul and abroad all year round, with live shows on the top floor.


Overlooking the Sea of ​​Marmara and the skyline of the old town, the Moda boulevard and coastal park is an unbeatable meeting place for picnics and chilling on the grass.


The Sarnıç Boutique Hotel. Housed in a renovated old Greek mansion, dating back to Ottoman times. It is a charming, picturesque place that is both affordable and located in the heart of the district.

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