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Kirmizi: Turkish all-female heavy metal band

Posted on 4 February 2012

I discovered Kirmizi, a Turkish all-female heavy metal band, when they were playing in DoRock bar in Taksim on a Sunday evening. DoRock is the favorite place for heavy metal fans in Istanbul.

Kirmizi was founded by Idil Çağatay and Aslı Polat in 2005 and consist of 4 women: Idil Çağatay (Voclas), Aslı Polat (Drums), Ecem Otgucuoğlu (Bass Guitar), and Saba Arat (Electro Guitar).

Kirmizi in concert. Photo: Marc Guillet

Kirmizi released their first maxi single in March 2010. Their debut album “Isyan” (Riot) was released one year later by RedRec Music, the band’s own record company.

Kirmizi was Ozzy Osbourne’s choice Istanbul Concert 2010. In that year they were invited to perform at the Festival Mundial in Tilburg (the Netherlands).

Their fans are mostly college students. Most heavy metal guys obviously preferred to stay at their favorite local hang out: DoRock bar. There the drinks are cheaper and they don’t have to pay for the music. While the tickets for the Kirmizi concert at ‘Live Performance’ was only 15 Turkish Lira.

Bass player Ecem Otgucuoğlu. Photo: Marc Guillet

The girls rocked! And the feed-back oft the male and female fans was more then enthusiastic. they were singing along and had a great time.


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