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Restaurant ‘Hot Plate’, love for food

Posted on 4 June 2014

 ‘Hot Plate’ is their name. And ‘Lezzet Aşkı’ is their slogan. It means ‘Love for Food’.

A lovely restaurant in business district Levent, next to one of the back doors of shopping mall Kanyon.

Love for food is exactly what you experience when you go there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Love for food is the concept of the owners and the cooks. Everything is freshly made in the restaurant. And the delicious starters like filled artichoke and the pastries are really homemade: by several Turkish house wives.

Four cooks from the northern, southern, western and eastern parts of Turkey prepare the dishes in the open kitchen. Vegetarian and for guests who prefer meat.

They serve several omelettes, standard breakfast with olives, cheese, tomato and cucumber. But also pastas, pizzas and ten different salads.

The interior and exterior design was done with a huge input of owner Sibel Müftüoğlu.

One of the details I love is the clock made from forks and spoons in different sizes. And the house style colour is orange. “Of course”, Sibel says. “Orange is the symbol of Holland and I am very proud of everything Dutch. Why? Because I lived there 17 years, from when I was a little girl of two till I finished high school. I returned to Turkey when I was 19, but I will always be crazy about the Netherlands”.

Earlier on Sibel and her partners were operating franchise restaurants in Cihangir and Levent. This time they have chosen to start their own brand ‘Hot Plate’.

During Istanbul’s hot summer months the restaurant has watermelon and cheese platter as well.

I started my lunch with a glass of their home-made strawberry lemonade (4.5 TL). Delicious. Then I had one of the specials of the day: a stuffed artichoke, as a cold starter. As a main course – ana yemekler in Turkish – I selected the chicken-noodles dish with soy sauce and vegetables like carrot, yellow and red pepper and zucchini (11,9 TL). I loved it!

I could have chosen one of their smoothies like ‘Purple House’ – banana, strawberry, orange juice – or ‘Orange County’ with milk chocolate, strawberry and orange juice (7.9 TL). But I was more interested in trying their pastry with coffee.

 Even if I wasn’t in the mood for food – which is seldom the case – I would go to Hot Plate for one of their 20 different kinds of coffee. I chose a cappuccino; really great, because it was prepared for me by one of the best baristas in Istanbul!

You will find their selection on a special designed menu: Chicco D’Oro. And it is good to know that all of their coffee beans are bought from the ‘fair trade’ brand.

‘Hot Paket’ is the name of their delivery service. They deliver at many offices and residencies in the area.

Restaurant Hot Plate is the place to be. This new spot is waiting to offer you an enjoyable and delicious menu for reasonable prices.



Address: Büyükdere Caddesi, Eczacı Ali Kaya Sokak No. 4

Pol Center Kapı, No. 35, Levent

Telephone: 0212 324 55 88



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  1. slawka says:

    Levent is not my area, but that restaurant close to the shopping mall makes me want to go there, especially for desserts.

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