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Sasha Grey’s first performance in Istanbul

Posted on 6 March 2011

Sasha Grey as DJ in Roxy

Famous American porno star Sasha Grey was performing in Istanbul’s club ROXY as a DJ on Saturday night March 5th.

Many people know her. The young actress is also a writer, model, intellectual, cover girl, activist and music lover.

Sasha Grey had a starring role in Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh’s movie “The Girlfriend Experience” and had a role in Entourage. She was showing her DJ identity in a full house in nightclub ROXY in Istanbul.

She only performed for a few exclusive parties in the world. Her performance at ROXY’s DJ cabinet was a first for Turkey!

She was Playboy Magazine’s cover girl for October 2010. Among Sasha Grey’s best known fans are famous Hollywood stars such as Keanu Reeves and Drew Barrymore.

It was a night full of dance and fun and one of the sexiest party ever in Istanbul.

When: March 5th

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Sasha Grey as DJ in Istanbul

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