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Animal rights photo exhibition

Posted on 11 December 2011

Demir Demirkan as a dog. Photo: Mehmet Turgut

Turkey has been shaken by numerous cases of cruelty against animals. Civil society increasingly takes action and demands better protection by laws and law enforcement.

Well-known Turkish photographer Mehmet Turgut is one of the artists who calls for animal rights through his photos. He has unveiled two new projects simultaneously.

He dedicates the most recent edition of his photography and culture magazine “46” to animals. In addition, he is this week launching an exhibition called “5199”, whose title refers to the law on the protection of animals in Turkey. For the exhibition and the magazine, Turgut worked with numerous stars from the arts scene in Turkey, including actress Serra Yılmaz, filmmaker Yüksel Aksu, actor Mert Fırat, author Yekta Kopan, actor Levent Üzümcü, rock musician Demir Demirkan and pop singer Burcu Güneş.

“5199” opened to the public yesterday at the R Stage Exhibition Hall in Nişantaşı City’s shopping center in Istanbul, where it will remain on display until Dec. 17.

Actress Serra Yilmaz. Photo: Mehmet Turgut

The magazine 46 has been in print for almost two years now. “The magazine addresses a significant audience. We witnessed many nasty incidents in recent times concerning animals, such as the dog massacre in Bolluca [a forest near İstanbul],” Turgut told Today’s Zaman in a recent online interview. “It was in a way the magazine’s duty to highlight this situation and remind people of how grave the situation really is.”

Turgut aims to provide financial support for the cause as all proceeds from the sale of the works on display in his exhibition will be donated to the Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP).

The project is not only confined to the exhibition. After its weeklong display at City’s, the exhibition will travel to another location that has yet to be announced on the Asian side of the city.

Source: Today’s Zaman

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