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Photos from Dutch artist Jasper de Beijer

Posted on 26 February 2011

Photo Jasper de Beijer

Dutch artist Jasper de Beijer (Amsterdam, 1973), known for his staged photography projects, mostly on historical themes, opened his first exhibition in Istanbul. In the newest gallery in the city: The Empire Project.

In Istanbul he shows nine series of photographs the artist has made over the past seven years. His main discipline is constructed photography.

Beijer, who has had a series of international exhibitions – Berlin, Milan, New York – has his own way of staging photos. In his studio he uses any means necessary to reconstruct: mostly building scale models, which are combined with materials made in his studio (costumes, props, studio settings) and computer generated images. He assembles these elements digitally to new images, creating his own unique imagery. They are not just an imitation of reality, but also his interpretation of it.

Successively he made a reconstruction of the Dutch colonial history based on photos from the Dutch Spaarnestad archive in 2004. Later he did a project about the 19th century American explorer R.F. Burton and about an American ghost town (2005). In 2009 he made a series of photographs on the imaginary African country Udongo after his visits to Ghana and Benin.

His projects are no journalistic or anthropological attempts to analyze events, but are creations and interpretations by the artist in his studio based on historical and recent photographs.

Location: The Empire Gallery Project

Siraselviler Caddesi No. 10, Taksim

Untill: April 16

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