Istanbul is unique. It is the only city in the world where two continents meet. Enjoy old and new in the cultural capital of Turkey with Istanbul expert Marc Guillet

New facts about Ottoman harem in exhibit

Posted on 12 August 2012

  The Topkapı Palace Museum is presenting an exhibition about harem life in Istanbul for the first time. The museum’s director, İlber Ortaylı, says the exhibition’s purpose is to correct misinformation about the imperial harem. ‘The harem was a center of education for concubines,’ he says The exhibition features 287 works from the palace’s collection,… Read more »

Sultans, Merchants & Painters @ Pera Muse

Posted on 18 January 2012

 Pera Museum is starting off the year 2012 with two exceptional exhibitions: Sultans, Merchants, Painters: The Early Years of Turkish-Dutch Relations; an exhibition commemorating four hundred years of cultural, diplomatic and trade relations between Turkey and the Netherlands and From Konstantiniyye to Istanbul: Photographs of the Anatolian Shore of the Bosphorus from the Mid XIXth… Read more »

Manço’s mansion is now a museum

Posted on 5 November 2011

Barış Manço, the late popsinger, composer, song-writer and musician, remains one of the most popular public figures of Turkey. One of the ferry boats on the route between Kadiköy , on the Asian side of Istanbul, and Karaköy, on the European side, is named after him. In the Moda neighbourhood, where he had a mansion,… Read more »

New: Palace Collections Museum

Posted on 3 March 2011

How a kitchen became a museum. That’s the story of the new Palace Collections Museum. It is part of the Dolmabahçe complex but has a different entrance. The kitchen was part of the baroque Dolmabahçe palace (1856) on the southern shore of the Bosporus. When the Turkish Republic was founded in 1922, all palaces, mansions… Read more »

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