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Documentary films in Depo for free

Posted on 31 January 2011

Documentaries in Depo

Depo and Documentarist start their second year of documentary screenings on every other Saturday. Documentarist has been organizing documentary film festivals and independent screenings in Istanbul for the past two years.
The screening program at the Depo cinema titled SaturDox will be accompanied by presentations by professionals and academicians working in related fields. A selection of noteworthy examples of international documentary cinema from the Documentarist archive and the work of local documentary filmmakers will be included in the program.

The first SaturDox program to run for 6 months will feature a collection of documentary films bearing witness to conditions of humanity around the world: the common ‘identity’ of the Balkans, the assassination of Hrant Dink, the relationships between Palestinian and Israeli people, artists challenging the chain of violence in Central Asia with music, the crisis of the regime in Iran, the ‘heaven’ immigrants from Africa are searching for in Europe, child labor in Mexico and the superhuman efforts of a neurosurgeon in Ukraine.

After the screenings, which will take place at the annex building of Depo, the films and related issues will be discussed by guest speakers who are competent on the subjects. In short, documentary will be the subject of conversations every other Saturday at Depo.

For more information go to the site of Depo:

Admission: Free

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