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Une Soirée Parisienne! by IWI

Posted on 1 April 2011

Une Soiree Parisienne poster

Every spring, the International Women of Istanbul (IWI) hosts a dinner and dancing themed event in effort to raise funds for IWI-supported charities.
This year, we are having Une Soirée Parisienne!

Join us for a fun filled evening featuring:
*Wine and Champagne
*French cocktail & dinner (regular or vegetarian)

*French entertainment, Dancing & Surprises

See for more details!

This year the charity benefiting is:” Bomonti Home for the Elderly” (“Fransiz Fakirhanesi”) and you can read more about this worthy cause at:

Buy your tickets before 5 April and make use of your special pre-sales discount:

155 TL per guest
1,500 TL per table of 10 (in one payment)

Visit to reserve your ticket and to find out how to pay.

Time: Saturday, May 7 at 7:00pm – May 8 at 12:00am

Location: Jardin de France, Tarabya

Bomonti Home for the Elderly

The International Women of IstanbuI has a long history of supporting the Bomonti Home for the Elderly.  Initially, in the 1970’s the IWI’S first charity initiative namely the Christmas Bazaar was conceived in order to provide financial support to the home.  Better known in Turkish as the “Fransiz Fakırhanesı”, the home is found in the heart of Şișli and faces many challenges; it relies solely on donations and is currently required to make major alterations in order to update the facilities according to local regulations and to bring the standard of care in line with EU regulations.

The IWI wants to help in this effort in a sustainable way and is asking for your generous help to make a difference in the lives of the nearly 100 old people who are dependent on the continuity of this haven. We are planning a gala “Une Soiree Parisienne” on the 7Th of May at the French Gardens in Tarabya.

The Bomonti Home for the Elderly is a very unique place in Istanbul. The home is run by the Catholic order, the Little Sisters of the Poor. This order was founded in France in 1839 by Jeanne Jugan who was canonized in 2009. Whilst the order is better known for their work in other places like Calcutta, it already arrived in Turkey in 1892.

It has been operating from its current location since 1904 and the building is a historic landmark in its neighbourhood and it is run immaculately by the Little Sisters of the Poor. IWI members and other locals as well as expatriates volunteer at the home.

The residents are also special. We must not forget that there was more than one side to the 20th century. On the one hand, life standards and expectancy has risen dramatically in the last century but there were also severe recessions in the early 1930s and later on as well as two terrible World Wars. Europe went through tumultuous times and Istanbul was for a long period of time a melting pot of cultures and a place of refuge.

When you visit Bomonti, you can still see some remnants of this almost lost world: The residents of the home are of many different nationalities, including Turkish, Greek, German, Armenian and other cultures.

The criteria for admission to the home are that the person is over sixty-five years of age and on a low income. The residents are cared for by the nuns and by salaried staff. It is a pleasure walking into Bomonti Home. The mission of The Little Sisters of the Poor is to care for the elderly until the end of their life in family style homes that really are “their home” where  they are happy because they are loved, listened to, respected in their expectations and their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

It is also a place where their capacities and talents are recognised and valued. Maintaining the Bomonti Old Age Home is a worthy contribution in the struggle for the respect for life, for the dignity of man, and for society to rediscover the irreplaceable mission of the elderly. We, at the IWI can vouch that those elderly vulnerable people are indeed cared for in this way and we kindly ask your support for the IWI Charity Ball “Une Soiree Parisienne”. For more information and ticket sales please visit

By Esbie van Heerden

IWI Vice-Chairwoman

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  1. Prendre le temps d’un weekend en amoureux est important pour raviver la flamme dans un couple, et même nécessaire pour faire perdurer le couple…

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