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Turcopedia: inspirational info from Turkey

Posted on 29 November 2011

Vakko: From Abandoned Hotel to Fashion Center

Launch of a new platform presenting Turkey to the world with an innovative angle.

Turcopedia is a web-platform created by Antoine Rolin, Grégoire d’Oultremont & Tolga Tuna. The objective is to bring interesting, surprising and entertaining international popular content inspired by Turkey, to a global audience.

“Turkish Influenza”

Interviewed on the topic, Antoine Rolin explains the reasons behind the project: “It is a common feeling that Turkey is the dust of an ancient empire, the backyard of Europe, the outskirts of the Arab world, the beaches of Antalya or simply the homeland of Döner Kebab…Turkey is more than what people think. Turkey’s influence will always be a source of global inspiration.”

What is Turcopedia?

Grégoire d’Oultremont tells what to expect when visiting Turcopedia:  “Turcopedia is an encyclopedia inspired by Turkey. Going through the posts of Turcopedia one will find countless examples of inspirational stories from Turkey, as well as a cultural agenda to better discover Turkey. Turcopedia’s content is mainly extracted from the worldwide web, and soon we will produce our own content with the support of our community.”

Miss Turkey, Gizem Memic, with Turkey Burger

Several of the fun and interesting posts I like:

A story about how the Vakko Fashion Center in Istanbul was transformed from an abandoned hotel into a fashion-and-media headquarters in roughly six weeks by carving out all but an exterior ring of the building.

How Turkish scents inspired the major noses of the perfume industry – throughout time. The “Hammam Bouquet”, L’Artisan Parfumeur,  Traversée du Bosphore (“Crossing the Bosphorus”), and Fumerie Turque are examples.

And how Carls Jr. uses Miss Turkey, Gizem Memic, to promote their new under 500 calories charbroiled Turkey Burgers.

Check out the website:

To watch the videoclip on YouTube with Miss Turkey and the new Turkey Burger click here



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